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Hattrick: Football-Learning-Integration

Social inclusion -

The Hattrick project has the purpose of developing an innovative training approach by opening up an informal pathway to education. If sport can provide a useful function in reinforcing social inclusion, playing football in a team offers various opportunities to develop transversal competences. Young male migrants or other young disadvantaged men were engaged in lifelong learning activities by meeting on the football pitch. Thanks to this project, football coaches in seven partner countries (AT, DE, IT, FR, NL, BG, UK) were provided with courses to raise awareness among their players on how they define their role and how they can support them in their personal development. After that, the coaches were able to add to their regular training topics such as teamwork, fair play, selfmanagement and motivation. The football approach is instrumental in delivering the necessary understanding and skills to players on how all these topics are linked to their professional life. Sport can provide a useful function in reinforcing social inclusion. The football pitch is one social location where integration seems to be successful in many cases. The activities of the Hattrick project build on to this setting.

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Organisation : EAEA

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