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Grandparents-grandchildren IT contest

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The Grandparent-Grandchild Competitions of Informatics is an inter-generational solution to raise public awareness of computers and the internet usage among older people. It has been organised eight times (regional and national competitions) so far across Hungary and have mobilised 1500 families. The question of the quality of life and the use of computers of the elderly has come into the spotlight thanks to this competition.

INFORUM (Forum of Hungarian IT Organisations for Information Society) has been fighting for years for making the elderly citizens equal in rank in the information society. It is a member of EPA that gathers the parents associations in Europe which together represent more than 150 million parents. EPA works in partnership both to represent and give to parents a powerful voice in the development of education policies and decisions at European level. In the field of education, EPA aims to promote the active participation of parents and the recognition of their central place as the primary responsible of the education of their children.

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