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Good intercultural dialogue in schools

Social inclusion -

This project resulted in creating a website containing teaching materials that could be used to improve the dialogue between schools and ethnic minority parents. It was developed by a group of European organisations with the support of the European Commission to help many teachers who do not feel properly equipped to enter into such a dialogue and also many ethnic minority parents who do not know how to dialogue with the school. Institutions with expertise on teacher training developed the educative material in cooperation with parents, schools and ethnic minorities. It is aimed at initial or in-service teacher training and activities for ethnic minority parents but can also be used by teacher training institutions, by schools, by parents’ associations, and by institutions working with ethnic minorities. Several studies underlined that the academic results among ethnic minority pupils are below average due i.e. to differences in cultural backgrounds between the school and the homes of these pupils; a project that increases the dialogue between the teachers and the ethnic minority parents is thus a crucial resource in order to improve the academic results of and the parental support for ethnic minority pupils.

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