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Freie Interkulturelle Waldorfschule, an intercultural school concept

Social inclusion -

This is a living example of a school directly aimed at achieving the social integration of students from migrant backgrounds since it was founded with an innovative pedagogical idea for tackling this challenge. There is a good balance among children’s and teaching staff’s origins: pupils are half natives and half from a migrant background and 50% of the teachers come from a migrant background. This is very positive and allows for real diversity of cultural backgrounds.
Furthermore, it is a comprehensive (a child can choose different grades) and an all-day school: this allows children with a migrant background to speak German in everyday situations. Besides, in all-day schools social integration can succeed much better, because pupils get a lot of opportunities “to get to know and respect each other”. Festivities also take place on the school grounds, involving the parents and highlighting certain aspects of
cultural diversities to promote cultural dialogue and understanding. From 2004 to 2006 an evaluation carried out by an independent institute for social research verified that the school’s concept offered better opportunities of educational success to socio- economically disadvantaged migrants.

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Organisation : ECSWE

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