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Family and involvement in Success at School

Social inclusion -

The City Council of Lyon (France) acknowledged the role of parents as a key element in their education strategy. In 2008 they launched a project aimed to bridge the digital gap by involving parents in the process. In recent years, the city council has prepared various workshops to respond better to the needs of the child and family. E-accessibility was identified as a key area to focus on. Indeed, achievement inequalities at school increase especially when ICT cannot be accessed from the child’s home, either because of the lack of equipment or because the parents do not have the necessary knowledge to use these tools. The project was implemented in four volunteer schools located in areas where there was a risk of social marginalisation and four associations were encouraged to offer school guidance using ICT with a professional counsellor.
Some parents who were not working or were in a precarious social situation were asked directly to join the workshops so that they could improve their ICT competences and be involved in their children’s education.

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Organisation : AIVE

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