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“Everybody’s library, libraries for everybody”, access to culture for all

Social inclusion -

The Municipality of Genoa has considerable experience with digitalisation of cultural heritage. The project “Everybody’s library, libraries for everybody” aims at making library services accessible thanks to new technologies in order to improve the autonomy and the participation in lifelong learning of adults with communication problems. It comprises a range of different services that can facilitate access to culture for people with auditory or visual impairments and contribute to their lifelong learning. Thanks to this initiative, which has the support of civil society, there has been an increase in library visits by thevisual and auditory impaired. The initiative began in 1996 in the Berio municipal library and later was extended to other libraries in the Urban Library System and finally to other libraries in the city. In 2009, the construction of a network of agents, cultural institutions and disabled people’s associations began, with the objective of coordinating existing initiatives and promoting the lessening of architectural barriers, the training of staff and the gathering of best practices on access to cultural events and services for the disabled.

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Organisation : AIVE

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