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European Non-Formal Education Platform

Social inclusion -

Various non-formal education providers who actively organise holidays and leisure time activities for young people and organise trainings for youth leaders set up an exchange platform in 2007. The aim is to increase the circulation of youth leaders in Europe, to allow a fruitful exchange of experiences, methodologies and practices and to identify common pedagogical principles for youth leaders training at European level. The project does not aim to create a unique training model since the educational value of non-formal learning should be to take into account the specific history and culture of each country. Instead the partners agreed on common principles and are working on the creation of a “European passport for youth leaders”. This network involves more than ten European partners as well as associations of popular education and educational institutions at regional and national level and is supported by the Grundtvig programme. The partners are working together to improve the recognition of non-formal education and youth leaders’ training and profile. The founding members of this platform are NIDM, Ceméa Piémont, Coordinadora infantil y juvenil de tiempo libre de Vallecas and Ceméa France.

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Organisation : EIACY

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