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EQUNET is a research project aiming at increasing access to higher education for marginalised and non-traditional groups based on the principle of equity. Made up with the support of 8 associations, 4 umbrella organisations and 4 research institutes, it was conceived as an independent research and networking initiative targeting different kinds of learners (traditional students, migrants, adults…) and the outcomes highlighted several barriers like the education background, socioeconomic conditions or structural problems in higher education such as admission standards. EQUNET is one of the first projects tackling the issue of equity in higher education via the building of an original evidence-based advocacy network.

 MENON is a non-profit European research and innovation network created in 1999 and working in various fields including education, lifelong learning and knowledge societies. It has so far coordinated more than twenty projects and is active in more than thirty countries. EDEN is the European Distance and e-learning Network, a non-profit organisation established in 1991, with now 200 institutional members. It aims to share knowledge and improve understanding amongst professionals in distance and e-learning and to promote policy and practice within and outside Europe.

Organisation: MENON and EDEN


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