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Connecting Europe through history , a history of migration

Social inclusion -

The project run by EUROCLIO, in collaboration with the Association of Ten Leading Universities and the International Students of History Association, is a transnational initiative which aims to enhance mutual understanding among Europe’s citizens, and to share and boost cultural and social diversity by tackling issues linked to movements of people as a common theme in European history. Through a series of national seminars, workshops and lectures in 10 different European countries which brought together historians, researchers, history, citizenship and social studies teachers and other civil society representatives, the project aimed to profile the different ways in which European
countries deal with similar challenges, and to which extent history education is already part of this process.
The large geographical spread and the variety of stakeholders involved facilitated the project’s aim to offer a good insight into the knowledge and interpretation of migration and movement bringing Europe closer to the citizens and raising awareness of the transnational idea.

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Organisation : EUROCLIO

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