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“ADD LIFE”, Adding Quality to Life through Intergenerational Learning

Social inclusion -

The purpose of “ADD LIFE: Adding Quality to Life through Intergenerational Learning via Universities” was to explore, from the perspective of Continuing University Education, the development and implementation of inter-generational learning in a Higher Education context. It ran from 2006 to 2008 with the support of the Grundtvig programme and brought together 14 partner organisations and was widely extended through the involvement of tutors, facilitators, learners and other experts. The six taught modules created an opportunity for individuals to participate in academic learning at university level, in an inter-generational learning setting. In ADD LIFE the partner universities undertook joint developmental work with new external stakeholders; some also used this project to renew a previous collaboration. Teachers and facilitators collaborated for the first time with representatives of these stakeholders. Learners were invited to act as codevelopers in the taught modules as well as in the facilitated open modules. Such inter-generational learning arrangements support the building of new social partnerships between younger and older learners beyond the course.

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Organisation : EUCEN

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