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Activage card, access to sports for all senior citizens

Social inclusion -

The South Lanarkshire Council is committed to working to improve the quality of life for everyone in South Lanarkshire.
In line with this commitment and in partnership with South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture, the council has developed a specific leisure strategy. The “Activeage” initiative is one specific example of the strategy. It allows all residents who are aged 60 or over free access to gyms, fitness classes or swimming pools at all South Lanarkshire leisure and culture facilities. Since its beginnings in 2007, the project has attracted a great number of participants and continues to grow in popularity with currently 1,400 “Activage Card” members. To facilitate access for people from migrant backgrounds, it is possible for senior citizens to call a special line where interlocutors speak Chinese, Indi or Polish. When registering, owners of the card are also invited to fill in an “equal opportunities monitoring form” on their age, gender, disability status and ethnic origin.
This allows South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture to identify forms of discrimination and barriers that affect access to opportunity for disadvantaged groups and individuals.

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Organisation : ISCA

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