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GREAT- Game based Action Research in Education and Learning

ICT and digital innovation -

GREAT is a European project which has received funding from the Leonardo da Vinci program of the European Commission, through the Agency for the Lifelong learning which aimed to skill trainers and teachers, with pedagogical methodologies and tools for the proper use of games in the learning process. The Great research is focused on research & learning for education and training on adult learning in the workplace.

Only very recently the GBL (Game Based Learning) appears as an associated methodology to learning through the use of digital games (or web-based) focused on acquiring skills than knowledge. GBL is a set of applications, methodologies and approaches that can help to overcome many of the weaknesses of much of the e-learning and TEL – Technology Enhanced Learning that is ( still ) perceived as reproducing old patterns of educational transfer and learning styles  using new technologies, rather than building environments and contexts of learning  business and personalized.

The difference is that the research and study of the underlying results on GBL are now supported by the thinkers and opinion-makers in the European Commission (read studies and documents of the JRC / IPTS-http://ipts.jrc.ec.europa.eu/).

At the beginning of 2013 the fieldwork was ready to launch the courses “TTT -Train the Trainers Training”. In a climate of great uncertainty caused by the deep economic crisis that affected the countries of the partnership it was necessary to appeal to the best of all of us to get where it is. Twelve courses were conducted and more than 150 new trade professionals certified in methodology GREAT.

Games can change the Education / Training issue, fact and disruptive way, as many gurus have been saying and the European Commission has indicated. Great was one of the champions of this “League of European knowledge and culture” and gave sign of it in his lectures that end we have appointed at GREAT Lisbon International Conference on Games & TEL (www.greatconference.eu).

Nowadays, organizational efficiency is defined by collaborative networking in a social environment also it, predominantly dominated by the networks.

Be a GREAT learner!

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