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Policy events

EUCIS-LLL organises policy events on transversal issues such as the access to lifelong learning or learning mobility. These events are a tool to exchange good practices coming from the various sectors represented in the platform. The goal is to see how a same problematic is tackled in a university, in an association or in a training centre, by the parents, the teachers, the school heads, etc. This lifelong learning approach is central.

Such policy events also enable the members to discuss with representatives of the European institutions in order to confront their realities to the policies implemented at national or European levels. They represent a unique opportunity for our members to push forward some proposals and to discuss openly with public authorities representatives.

Upcoming Policy events

Next LLL Interest Group meeting on Education for personal development and wellbeing

Agenda / About the LLL Interest Group The next LLL Interest Group meeting will take place on 16 February 2016, at the European Parliament, on the topic of Education for personal development and wellbeing. Education is a lifelong empowerment process which …

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Save the date for LLL Interest Group meeting on 16 February 2016

eucis lll_lll IG_logo_final

Save the date for the next LLL Interest Group meeting on Personal development and well-being, which will take place on 16 February in Mundo J, Brussels. Initiated by the LLLPlatform and EAEA together with a number of MEPs, the Interest Group on Lifelong Learning brings together civil society representatives …

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Past Policy events

LLLWeek: Presentations

The LLL Week / Programme / Presentations / Registrations / Locations The 5th edition of the LLL Week was held from 30 November to 4 December, in and out of the European Parliament. Here are the presentations of the various speakers given during the various events Erasmus+ Implementation …

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Learning mobility: yes, but quality mobility!

Organised by ESN, EFIL, EEE-YFU and EucA, with the support and facilitation of the LifeLong Learning Platform, this thematic workshop explored the issue of quality learning mobility, both from the policy and from the practice perspective. The workshop wished to help participants get a better …

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Guidance and counselling in taking validation to the next level

  The LLL Week / Programme / Presentations / Registrations / Locations European Parliament – 2 December (13.00-15.00) The Lifelong Learning Platform welcomed the 2012 Council Recommendation on the validation of non-formal and informal learning (VNIL) as it gave a political impulse for Member States to speed up the building of …

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Expert debate: Media Literacy, XXI Century Challenge

   The LLL Week / Programme / Presentations / Registrations / Locations European Parliament, 3 December (11’00-13’00)  It is essential today that all citizens acquire digital and media competences in order to ensure their interactions with media are positive and enriching.  Media literacy should not be treated as an isolated or …

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LLL Week Debate: Education in Promoting Intercultural Dialogue and Citizenship

   The LLL Week / Programme / Presentations / Registrations / Locations European Parliament, 2 December, 16.30-18.30 How can the development of cooperation, critical thinking, shared responsibility, communication and active participation be strengthened in Europe? How can we move from a culture of individualism and competition to a culture …

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Report from Policy Debate “Validation of learning outcomes: opportunities and threats for non-formal education”

We are what we do, and yet, only part of what we do is recognised by others, namely employers and formal education institutions. But how many young people and adults engage in non-formal and informal learning processes? How many volunteer? …

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EUCIS-LLL Policy Debate “Intergenerational learning for inclusive societies”

S_0070 (2)

Population ageing will continue with accelerating pace in the next decades. Today half of the population is 40 years old or above while in 2060 half of the population will be aged 48 years or above. These trends require some considerable …

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Bertelsmann Stiftung Study Launch “Learning from the best”


Thu 11 December, 14:00-16:00 // University Foundation, Rue d’Egmont 11 (Metro Trone), Brussels The seminar is organised by the Bertelsmann Stiftung in partnership with EUCIS-LLL in order to present the results of the foundation’s study on transferable elements from various …

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EUCIS-LLL Seminar – Launch of the flagship initiative on ‘Inclusive Education. Fighting inequalities in education and training’

LLL Week Banner 2014

Wed 10 December, 09:30-12:30 // University Foundation, Rue d’Egmont 11 (Metro Trone), Brussels The social dimension of lifelong learning has been neglected in the 1st cycle of the Europe 2020 and ET2020 strategies. Learning is powerful in getting people more …

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EUCIS-LLL round table on ‘Efficient and equitable funding of education: A target beyond reach?’

LLL Week Banner 2014

Tue 9 December, 15:00-18:00 // European Economic and Social Committee, Citizens’ Auditorium (Room REM-1), Rue Belliard 93, Brussels  There has been a growing support for long-term investment in education and training from the EU, stakeholders and citizens. However, although our socio-economic …

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EUCIS-LLL Policy Debate ‘Validation of non-formal and informal learning: All aboard! How to reach the targeted public?‘

LLL Week Banner 2014

Thu 11 December, 09:30-12:45 // European Parliament, Room JAN 6Q1, Brussels Some 80 million EU employees, the unemployed and particularly the young unemployed will purportedly need to update their skills and qualifications in order to improve their employment prospects and find gainful employment. …

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EUCIS-LLL assessment of Erasmus+ – first round

For EUCIS-LLL monitoring the implementation of the Erasmus+ programme is of crucial importance to verify that application procedures are as user-friendly as possible and to assess how the programme can be improved for an even better experience from next year …

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EUCIS-LLL Training session on Erasmus+

EUCIS-LLL organised a training session on 5 March in Brussels to inform stakeholders about the new Erasmus+ programme. New policy objectives linked to the programme were discussed, as well as new opportunities under the three new programme key activities, concrete …

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Policy Debate: “Digital wave: supporting a cultural shift in learning systems?”, 4 March, EP

The debate on harnessing the potential of ICT for education and training has become more and more vivid. In 2013 a new Commission Communication on “Opening Up Education” has been made public, echoing the commitments made in the Digital Agenda. …

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Round Table “EUCIS-LLL Manifesto – Building together the future of learning”, 3 December (9:30-13:00)

EUCIS-LLL organised its third Lifelong Learning Week in the European Parliament, Brussels, from 2 to 6 December 2013. This year, the Week had a particular focus on the upcoming European Elections of Spring 2014. At this occasion EUCIS-LLL launched its …

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EUCIS-LLL International Seminar “Measuring Progress in Lifelong Learning”, 5 December (12:00-15:00)

EUCIS-LLL organised an international seminar on “Measuring progress in Lifelong Learning” on 5 December (12:00 to 15:00) in the framework of its Lifelong Learning Week. Progress is defined as development towards an improved or more advanced condition and as such, …

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Round Table “Making the Case of European Civic Education”, 4 December (9:00-12:00)

EUCIS-LLL and the European Civic Forum organised a round table on “Making the case for European Civic Education” during the Lifelong Learning Week –  4 December (9’00-12’00). We believe that the current economic downturn poses a serious challenge to fundamental …

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Policy debate: “Entrepreneurship skills: common understanding? Common expectations?”

EUCIS-LLL and the EPP Group organised a policy lunch debate on “Entrepreneurship skills: common understanding? Common expectations” in the framework of the Communication “Rethinking Education” on 18 June 2013 (12′-14′). It was hosted by MEP Heinz K Becker in the European …

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Policy debate: “Partnerships for LLL, a new idea?”

2013-05-07 10.01.27

The Commission’s Communication on “Rethinking Education: Investing in Education for better socio-economic outcomes” emphasises the need for a collaborative work with all relevant stakeholders as a “systematic part of the policy approach”. This priority is further developed in the accompanying …

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EUCIS-LLL Public Hearing on “Basic Skills for Inclusive Growth: A civil society perspective”: General Report online!


As the Commission just released a Communication on “Rethinking Education: investing in skills for better economic and social outcomes” notably recommending raising the level of basic skills, EUCIS-LLL organised a public hearing on “Basic Skills for Inclusive Growth: a civil …

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EUCIS-LLL Public Hearing on Social Innovation in LLL (6 March 2012, Brussels)


Today little is known about social innovation compared to the vast amount of research into innovation in business and science. EUCIS-LLL understands social innovation as changes in ideas, practices and institutions that aim to resolve existing social, cultural, economic and …

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EUCIS-LLL Public Hearing: “Recognition and validation of learning in Europe: from rethoric to reality” (12 December 2011, Brussels)


This Seminar on “Recognition and validation of learning in Europe: from rethoric to reality” (12 December 2011, Brussels) aims at discussing recognition and validation of non-formal and informal learning in the view of the upcoming Commission’s Recommendation on this topic, …

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Presentation seminar on the European Institute on Lifelong Learning – now LLL Hub (9 November 2011, Brussels)

EILL presentation

EUCIS-LLL launched a feasibility study on the setting up of a European Lifelong Learning Institute (EILL) in 2010. During this seminar, EUCIS-LLL will present its idea of setting up a Lifelong Learning Institute at European level on the basis of …

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Impact and added value of transnational mobility schemes to develop personal, social and civic competences (17 March 2011, Brussels)

PH 17 March

This event was organised during the Lifelong Learning Week and was organised in partnership with the European Economic and Social Committee.  Download the report of the hearing and have a look at the pictures of the event.

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Recognising the role of volunteers and volunteering for social cohesion and active citizenship (30 November 2010, Brussels)

Invitation pour web

On 30 November 2010 EUCIS-LLL co-organised a public hearing on «Recognising the role of volunteers and volunteering for social cohesion and active citizenship» in partnership with the European Civic Forum and Volonteurope at the European Economic and Social Committee in …

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Lifelong learning, a key to achieve European active citizenship? (22 September 2009, Brussels)


EUCIS-LLL, in partnership with the European Economic and Social Committee, held a public hearing on “Lifelong learning, a key to achieve European active citizenship?” on 22 September 2009 in Brussels.  Download the minutes

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Access, equity and diversity in lifelong learning: how to successfully integrate populations of migrant backgrounds in Europe? (18 December 2008, Brussels)

2008 PH

EUCIS-LLL organised a public hearing on “Access, equity and diversity in lifelong learning: how to successfully integrate populations of migrant backgrounds in Europe” on 18th December 2008, in Brussels.    Download the minutes

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Access to lifelong learning for disabled people (1 July 2008, Brussels)

juillet 2008 PH

The participants shared their experiences and knowledge about how to better integrate disabled people into mainstream education and training systems in Europe. Were notably outlined the fact that there are no common indicators at European level, the absence of a …

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Adult education: what perspectives for lifelong learning in Europe? (5 October 2007)


EUCIS-LLL organised, in partnership with the European Economic and Social Committee, a public hearing on adult education in a global LLL perspective. Mrs. Marta Ferreira Lourenço, head of unit at the European Commission was invited to present and discuss the …

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European education systems confronted with the challenges of the 21st century (5 July 2007, Brussels)


The participants exchanged their experiences and knowledge on the “realities” of schools in Europe. They explored issues such as intercultural dialogue, migrations, ICT, mobility, equal opportunities,  demographic changes or the evaluation and management of schools.  See the programme

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Opportunity of ECVET for the mobility and the recognition of learning outcomes acquired from formal, non formal and informal contexts (10 January 2007, Brussels)

janvier 2007

EUCIS organised a public hearing on “Opportunity of a European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) for the mobility and the recognition of learning outcomes acquired from formal, non formal and informal contexts for citizens » in partnership …

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