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EUCIS-LLL organises conferences or seminars on transversal and strategic issues in lifelong learning. We invite speakers and participants from various sectors of education and training as to see how a same problematic is tackled in a university, an association or a training centre, by the parents, the learners, the educators or managers. Social partners and representatives of national, regional and European institutions participate as well, to broaden the debate and disseminate our results to a larger audience.

Upcoming Conferences

Annual Conference 2016 / 31 May and 1 June / Bratislava, Slovakia

The Platform is happy to announce its Annual Conference 2016 will take place on 31 May and 1 June 2016 in Bratislava, Slovakia. This year’s topic: “Imagining the learning community of tomorrow”.  The Conference / Programme / Register / Partners / Discover Slovakia! Imagining the future is not a dream, it is about facing …

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Past Conferences

All you need to know about our Annual Conference 2015

eucis-lll annual conference banner

On 16th June 2015, EUCIS-LLL organised its Annual Conference on “Lifelong Learning, paving the way for learning and qualifications”. These conferences, bringing together participants from a variety of sectors, ranging from public institutions, private enterprises to civil society organisations, constitute a milestone in EUCIS-LLL’s daily work: your experiences and exchanges …

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EUCIS-LLL Annual Conference report on the ET2020 Review is now available!

EUCIS annual conference europe 2020 report

Last June EUCIS-LLL, together with Learning for Well Being Consortium, organised a conference to reflect on what we want to achieve by 2020 and how to do it. Namely, evidence shows that much more attention should be paid to addressing …

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EUCIS-LLL Annual Conference on the ET2020 Review: Addressing Inequalities in Education and Training, 3 June

2014 is a turning point for European cooperation in education and training “ET2020”. It is the moment to take stock of more than a decade of community action in the field, but also to make concrete proposals for improving both …

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EUCIS-LLL Annual Conference 2013: “Rethinking Learning: Transversal Competences in the spotlight”

  “Rethinking Learning: Transversal competences in the spotlight” was the theme of EUCIS-LLL Annual Conference 2013 that took place on 14 May in Vilnius, Lithuania. Check out the conference general report! Conference rationale The aim of EUCIS-LLL Annual Conference 2013 “Rethinking …

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Annual Conference 2012 on Social Innovation for Active Inclusion

This event will gather actors coming from the various sectors of education and training all around Europe. It will tackle and propose innovative ways to combat educational disadvantage and fight youth unemployment. The conference will also provide a specific insight on the opportunities of intergenerational learning, in the context of the current European Year 2012 on Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations.

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Annual Conference on the role, place and value given to volunteering in education and training (9 May 2011, Krakow, Poland)


Volunteers play an essential role within education and training organisations in the formal and non-formal systems. For instance, it is crucial to look at the role of volunteering to develop skills and competencies for personal, social and civic development as …

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EUCIS-LLL Lifelong Learning Week “Different Pathways to Learning” (14-17 March 2011, Brussels)

During the Week, EUCIS-LLL and its members organised an exhibition on «Different pathways to learning» within the European Parliament. Different events also took place during the Week to raise awareness on Lifelong Learning and on the various actors that contribute …

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EUCIS-LLL Lifelong Learning Conference on the social dimension of Education and Training (14 April 2010, Barcelona, Spain)

More than 90 participants from various sectors of education and training, European, national and local authorities and social partners, were invited to discuss and share their perspectives and experiences on four main topics: active aging and intergenerational solidarity; social innovation …

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EUCIS-LLL workshop “Education: a driving force for an active European citizenship?” (4-6 September 2008, La Rochelle, France)

The European Civic Days were organised by the European Civic Forum around three transversal topics: participation, dialogue and mobility. Around 1000 civil society stakeholders participated in the 14 thematic workshops. EUCIS organised the workshop on education that gathered more than …

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EUCIS-LLL Conference “Autonomy of universities in Europe, what for?” (23 November 2007, Paris, France)

EUCIS-LLL organised an international conference on the autonomy of European universities during the European Education Fair held in Paris, on 23 November 2007. This conference was facilitated by our secretary general, Michel FEUTRIE, who is also president of the European …

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EUCIS-LLL Seminar “Non formal education, a project for the inhabitants in the city?” (13 September 2006, Lyon, France)

This seminar took place in the frame of the Preparatory days of the IX International Congress of Educating Cities that was held on 14-17 September 2006 in Lyon, France. It was organized by EUCIS-LLL is close collaboration with French organisations: …

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Skills for life as the key to lifelong learning, towards achieving the Lisbon strategy (17 May 2004, Brussels, Belgium)

The Conference was the culmination of the first year’s work of the European Civil Society Platform on Lifelong Learning. Representatives of its six member organisations, EAEA, EVTA, EFVET, EURO-WEA, SOLIDAR and CSR Europe, had worked together to identify key issues …

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