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European Institute on Lifelong learning

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Why the EILL is needed

The implementation of lifelong learning strategies at local, regional, national and European levels remains a great challenge today. Systems remain fragmented and cooperation among the different sectors of education and training is still limited. EUCIS-LLL members believe that stronger cooperation between research, practice and policy-making is the key to fostering social innovation in Europe and beyond.

Political background of the EILL

In 2010, EUCIS-LLL set up a working group on the sustainability of lifelong learning made up of experts from its member networks to work on concrete proposals. The group proposed the idea of a European Institute on Lifelong Learning (EILL). A feasibility study was launched in 2010 and published in March 2011 followed by an internal consultation within EUCIS-LLL constituency. The results of this consultation confirmed the need to have a unique and centralised place to investigate and transfer information on lifelong learning policies, strategies, systems and practices at European level. The Institute will thus serve as a transfer device between research, policy-making and practice ensuring greater transparency and cooperation between various actors.

Learn more:

  • Research: feasibility study on a European Lifelong Learning Institute by Antonio Mocci in close relation with EUCIS-LLL working group on the sustainability of lifelong learning.
  • 9 November 2011: public presentation on the EILL to share ideas with other stakeholders.
  • Check out the EILL brochure.

Ongoing steps:

  • November 2011 onwards: implementation phase.
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