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The European Civil Society Platform on Lifelong Learning (EUCIS-LLL) is an umbrella association that gathers 36 European organisations active in the field of education and training, coming from all EU Member States and beyond. Currently these networks represent more than 50 000 educational institutions (schools, universities, adult education and youth centres, etc.) or associations (involving students, teachers and trainers, parents, HRD professionals, etc.) covering all sectors of formal, non-formal and informal learning. Their members reach out to several millions of beneficiaries.

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EUCIS-LLL Statement: Intergenerational learning for sustainable societies!

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Today, on the European Day of Solidarity between Generations, half of the population is 40 years old or above, and it is estimated to be 48 years or above in 2060, inevitably shaking our already fragile social structures. It is …

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EUCIS-LLL Annual Conference “Lifelong Learning. Paving the way for learning and qualifications”

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EUCIS-LLL is happy to invite you to its conference “Lifelong learning. Paving the way for learning and qualifications” 16 June, Luxembourg. It will aim to assess progress and formulate recommendations for the future of EU and national learning strategies. Are …

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European Parliament EMPL Committee on social entrepreneurship and social innovation in combating unemployment

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During the crisis, social enterprises have shown to be remarkably resilient, both in terms of economic outcomes and in maintaining and creating employment. Relatedly, social innovation seeks to improve and modernise the matching of skills and needs of employees and …

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European Parliament CULT Committee “Innovative Schools -Teaching & Learning in the Digital Era”

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Today’s young Europeans are the first generation to have come of age in a digital society. Computers, smartphones and global communications have shaped and educated them. And yet, there is great disparity in our schools and education systems, many schools …

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Foresight 2025: integrated and fast-evolving standards key to inovation

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EUCIS-LLL members enter Civil Society Europe Steering Committee

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EUCIS-LLL Statement on Intergenartional Learning for sustainable societies

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A New Lifelong Learning Interest Group formed by Civil Society and MEPs

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Youth Labour Market Index: the multifaceted situation of young persons on the labour market

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Joint press release by EUCIS-LLL and EAEA: New Lifelong Learning Interest Group!

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